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Oral surgery (dento-alveolar) is an important branch in dental medicine and represents the treatment by surgical intervention of some oral diseases that impede the functioning and restoration of the dento-maxillary apparatus, whether it is extraction or more complex procedures.


Since 2004, in our clinic, our doctors inserted dental implants of last generation and belonging to companies recognized by innovation and quality at international level.


Dental works and facets made of porcelain, zirconium and pressed ceramic, made in a single day, using CAD-CAM computer technology. Dental facets are the most physiognomic, but also the most delicate, prosthetic works, made from materials that look exactly like the natural enamel of your teeth.


Aparate dentare mobile sau fixe (brackets metalici sau fizionomici – din porțelan, compozit sau safir) pentru corectarea pozițiilor anormale ale dinților și a dezvoltării maxilare necorespunzătoare. Soluții personalizate pentru fiecare pacient.


Dento-facial aesthetics: laser laser whitening, volumetry and facial and lip remodeling, facial wrinkle reduction and wiping using hyaluronic acid, Botox, mesotherapy.


Treatment of dental caries with the surgical laser (without using the handpieces with the dental mills) and the latest generation materials such as zirconia. You will smile without worry after a visit to the Dentix Dental Clinic!


Dentistry of the next millennium

An innovative formula obtained with unique biotechnologies in collaboration with ROMVAC, the Dentimmune range of dental products is effective in treating oral cavity disorders (dental and periodontal infections, gum disease, mouth sores, herpes lesions).

Dentimmune can also be used successfully in the prevention of dental caries, with increased efficacy in the eradication of microbes involved in its etiology.

The clinic was established in 2003 by the doctors Ştefanescu Silviu and Ştefanescu Cristian.

The clinic is a partner in medical research programs and is involved in the development of augmentation products and complementary therapies with antibiotics.

Since the establishment of the clinic, complex and state-of-the-art treatments have been carried out involving all branches of dentistry:

Ultrasound and laser surgery.

Whitening with therapeutic laser, volumetry and facial and lip remodeling, diminishing and wiping facial wrinkles using hyaluronic acid, Botox, mesotherapy and laser therapy.

In the clinic, anesthesia can be performed using inhalation with a mixture of Nitrogen Protoxid and Oxygen, thus replacing classical anesthesia by injection.

Treatment of dental caries with surgical laser (no use of dental cuts) and last generation materials such as zirconium.

Treatment of periodontal diseases (“periodontitis”) – involving methods of sterilization of periodontal pockets with periodontal laser and immunoglobulins, regeneration of periodontal tissue (both the gingival mucosa and bone tissue) by revolutionary methods:

■ either surgical (by applying gingival grafts and artificial or biological bones)

■ either non-surgical (placement of a Stem Cell concentrate and growth factor obtained from the patient’s blood in combination with a complex formula containing Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals)

■ odontectomy (extracts of the teeth included = not erupted on the dental arcade)

■ apical resections (surgical removal of tissues affected by infection around the root followed by regeneration of affected bone tissue).

Since 2004 our clinic has been incorporating state-of-the-art dental implants and manufactured by companies internationally recognized for innovation and quality.

Fixed or mobile dental appliances (metallic or physiognomic brackets – made out of porcelain, composite or sapphire) to correct abnormal teeth and inappropriate jaw development.

Dental works and dental pieces made of porcelain, zirconium and pressed ceramics.


Blood antibodies production in birds and the extraction of egg yolk specific antibodies has become an attractive subject for specialists, as evidenced by the increase in research volume and literature on IgY. The results of in vitro and in vivo studies on immunoglobulins (Y) extracted from egg yolk (Gallus domesticus) have become a great hope in preventing and fighting a large number of human diseases. Interest in immunoglobulins prepared on the hen is currently high due to the increasing incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. IgY gains much attention from specialists due to structural differences from mammalian IgG and reactivity in the human body. The special features of this product create a hope for medicine, IgY being used in many areas of activity. Within the research program, studies are carried out on the procedures for obtaining IgY under laboratory and production conditions. At the same time, experiments were carried out on the purification of IgY and the specificity of these immunoglobulins was studied against the antigens that were used to immunize the hens. Biological products containing specific IgY are monovalent or polyvalent.  Y immunoglobulins were obtained from the isolated bacteria samples collected from patients who presented themselves in our dental clinic with many of these bacteria proving antibiotic resistant.  Laboratory tests have been performed on IgY-specific efficacy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria isolated from patients. The results of the experiments conducted so far show that specific IgY inhibit in vitro the multiplication of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Depending on the intensity of the specific inhibited bacterial multiplication, as well as on the inhibition time in vitro, therapeutic behavior can be established. Under these conditions, single-dose treatment at 24 hours or fractionalized doses at different time intervals may occur. Recent in vitro information on IMUNOINSTANT products against isolated bacteria from patients allows for more effective treatment programs for humans, IgY inhibiting specific large amounts of pathogenic germs, whose action is thus neutralized. For this purpose, treatment should be permanently controlled by laboratory means, and the program should be monitored appropriately. Preventive treatment with IgY will be determined based on isolated bacteria and incidence. Depending on their number, a polyvalent IgY comprising immunoglobulins specific for each bacterial species will be prepared.